A Piece on the Floor

Form: Interactive Installation


Date: Mar 2016


By having the date of each day written on the floor with chalk powder at the entrance of the exhibition space, the visitors have to step on it if they want to enter. As the written date gets fuzzier, the day is passing by. At the end of the day, the date may be gone just like the time of that day has gone. The shoe-prints transform the momentary actions of visiting at different times and dates to physical, visual existences that stay till the end of the show. Each day I used a different color chalk, in order to separate the dates. A different color of shoe-prints would layer on top of those that were made in the past.

The shoe-prints were everywhere around the space. I even found some in the ladies room on the same floor of the building. It was evidence of a person who had come to my show on a certain day.  Also, I can tell that this visitor is probably a woman from the shoe-print size and where it was found. As the artist, I was thrilled by the hidden clues in the corners. Once again, my audience became the work through their interaction, and I became the audience.