Free Gift Box

Form: Interactive Installation


Date: Mar 2016

In the “Free Gift Box”, I offered experiences of facing the desire to small advantages to my audience. A clear acrylic box contains lots of snacks and groceries as free gifts. There is a 4-inch diameter hole on the topside of the box that allows visitors to put a hand in and grab the gifts. However, each single gift is bigger or about the same size as the hole. They cannot be pulled out through the hole with a hand holding it. The possible experiences and physiological paths most audience members may have with this piece are: beginning to have a desire, choosing to calculate to try to fulfill the desire, giving up, trying and get close to fulfill the desire, or figure out that the desire cannot be fulfilled, facing failure of fulfilling the desire, choosing to give up or keep trying in other ways. I left this piece open to any interaction. The audience could choose to break the box if he or she wanted to.